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I offer gentle sleep conditioning for your child through a customized sleep plan that is easy for your family to follow.  Unlike many sleep consultants, I offer multiple methods of sleep conditioning and training, because one method does not fit all children.


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Sleep is a biological need, which means it is just as important as good nutrition and safety.  Teaching your child healthy sleep habits is the best gift you can give them.  I offer families customized sleep plans with multiple gentle sleep conditioning techniques to choose from to help your child sleep through the night and nap reliably during the day. 

Sleep Consulting With Lindsey's Little Sleepers

Common struggles that I can help you with:  going to sleep independently, curbing unnecessary or non-nutritional night wakings, establishing developmentally appropriate nap times, nap transitions, going to sleep and staying asleep, schedules, extending night sleep, sleep associations, creating a positive sleep environment, reading sleep cues, transitioning from a crib to a bed, and more!